List of Participants

WVR workshop, October 9-11, 2006

No.NameFirst nameAffiliationArrivalDeparturePresentation
1RoyAlanMax-Planck-Institut fuer RadioastronomieOctober 8October 11 Review of WVR projects for astronomy
2KrichbaumThomasMPIfR, BonnOctober 5October 11
3AmbrosiniRobertoIRA-INAFOctober 8October 11
4EnzoNataleIRA - INAF Sezione di FirenzeOctober 8October 11
5TanGie HanEuropean Southern ObservatoryOctober 8October 11
6WilkinsonPeterUniversity of ManchesterOctober 8October 11
7PaineScottSmithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryOctober 8October 11
8KurtzStanCRyA, UNAMOctober 8October 11
9HillsRichardCavendish Laboratory, University of CambridgeOctober 8October 11 Tests of the ALMA Radiometers on the SMA
10AndersonJames MJoint Institute for VLBI in EuropeOctober 8October 11
11RicherJohnCavendish Lab, CambridgeOctober 8October 10
12PhillipsRobinUniversity of LethbridgeOctober 8October 11 IRMA 20um water vapour radiometer operations in the TMT site testing campaign
13QuerelRichardUniversity of LethbridgeOctober 8October 11
14GrypstraKarlMax-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie BonnOctober 8October 11
15KarastergiouArisIRAMOctober 8October 11
16BolattoAlbertoCARMA / U.C. Berkeley Radio LabOctober 8October 11 The CARMA/RAL WVR effort
17KellerReinhardMax-Planck-Institut f. RadioastronomieOctober 8October 11
18TeuberUteMPIfROctober 8October 11
19LucasRobertIRAMOctober 8October 11
20AlefWalterMax-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, BonnOctober 8October 11
21NiellArthurMIT Haystack ObservatoryOctober 8October 12 TBD
22EmersonDarrelNRAOOctober 8October 11
23WoottenAlNRAO/ALMAOctober 8October 11
24MangumJeffNRAOOctober 8October 11
25LaingRobertESOOctober 8October 11
26ElgeredGunnarOnsala Space Observatory, Chalmers University of TechnologyOctober 8October 11 A Review of the Use of Microwave Radiometry in Space Geodesy
27SarazinMarcEuropean Southern ObservatoryOctober 9October 11
28CrewellSusanneUniversity of CologneOctober 8October 10
29MatthiasSchoeckThirty Meter TelescopeOctober 8October 11
30StirlingAlisonMet OfficeOctober 8October 11 The distribution of water vapour fluctuations in the turbulent atmosphere.
31BriskenWalterNRAO SocorroOctober 8October 11 A VLA WVR prototype
32HillTraceySterrenwacht LeidenOctober 8October 11
33Vila VilaroBaltasarNAOJOctober 8October 11
34AsakiYoshiharuISASOctober 8October 12 Simulation Series of a Phase Calibration Scheme with WVRs for the ACA
35ChoJunghoKorea Astronomy & Space Science InstituteOctober 8October 11
36PantaleevMiroslavOnsala Space ObservatoryOctober 8October 10
37NZEAGWUJONAS NNABUENYINational Office For Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP)October 8October 11
38BellWilliamMet OfficeOctober 8October 11 The analysis of water vapour in Met Office NWP models
39LöhnertUlrichUniversity of CologneOctober 8October 10
40GarringtonSimonJodrell Bank Observatory/University of ManchesterOctober 8October 11 Tropospheric delay measurements using GPS at Jodrell Bank Observatory
41WilliamsonRossColumbia UniversityOctober 8October 11 Installation of WVRs on the SMA interferometer in Hawaii
42RoseThomasRadiometer PhysicsOctober 8October 11
43KempfAndreasESOOctober 8October 11
44BremerMichaelIRAMOctober 8October 11 Specifications of the phase correction system on the Plateau de Bure
45RottmannHelgeMPIfR BonnOctober 8October 11
46SchlueterWolfgangBKG, FS WettzellOctober 8October 11 About the Collocation of Water Vapour Radiometers at the Fundamental Station Wettzell
47KluegelThomasBKG, FS WettzellOctober 8October 11
48SchwarzWalterBKG/FS-WettzellOctober 8October 11
49MartellucciAntonioESA/ESTECOctober 8October 10
50BuerkiBeatETH ZuerichOctober 8October 11
51ETH ZuerichOctober 8October 11
52SimmerClemensUniversity Bonn, Meteorological InstituteOctober 9October 10 atmospheric structures and dynamics affecting microwave radiometry

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