Workshop on Measurement of Atmospheric Water Vapour: Theory, Techniques, Astronomical and Geodetic Applications

Wettzell / Hoellenstein (Germany), October 9-11, 2006

- Compilation of Presentations -

Monday Oct 9th

S. Crewell
Reviewing water vapour observations using microwave radiometry for meteorological applications
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T. Rose
Performance of water vapor radiometers at 22 and 183 GHz developed at RPG
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A. Stirling
The distribution of water vapour fluctuations in the turbulent atmosphere
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1, 2, 3
W. Bell
The analysis of water vapour in Met Office NWP models
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S. Paine
The am atmospheric model and applications to WVR and phase correction
pdf (3.6MB)
G. Elgered
A Review of the Use of Microwave Radiometry in Space Geodesy
pdf (1.3MB)
A. Niell, for Wresnik et al.
Do we need WVRs for geodetic VLBI?
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W. Schlüter
About the Collocation of Water Vapour Radiometers, Solar Spectrometer, and Radiosondes at the Fundamental Station Wettzell
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B. Buerki
Water Vapor Sensing Techniques at the Geodesy and Geodynamics Lab (GGL) of ETH Zurich, Switzerland
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A. Roy
Review of WVR projects for astronomy
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Tuesday Oct 10th

A. Niell, M. Leidner
Use of Numerical Weather Forecast for calculating WVR delays
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A. Bolatto
CARMA, and the CARMA WVR effort
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W. Brisken
A 22 GHz Water Vapour Radiometer for the VLA
pdf (1.2MB)
A. Roy
The water vapour radiometer at Effelsberg
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ppt (6.6MB)
1, 2
M. Bremer
Specifications of the phase correction system on the Plateau de Bure
pdf (2.6MB)
A. Karastergiou
Atmospheric Phase Correction at the Plateau de Bure: practical aspects
pdf (2.9MB)
M. Pantaleev
Development of the Dicke-switched WVR prototype for ALMA
pdf (4.0MB)
ppt (11.5MB)
R. Williamson
A Correlating WVR and ist installation on the SMA
pdf (4.3MB)
R. Hills
Testing of the ALMA WVR's on the Sub-mm Array
pdf (0.8MB)
Y. Asaki
Simulation Series of a Phase Calibration Scheme with WVRs for the ACA
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R. Querel
IRMA 20µm Water Vapour Radiometer Operations in the TMT Site Testing Campaign
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ppt (3.9MB)
W. Schlüter
Fundamental Station Wettzell - geodetic observatory
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