IVS VLBI2010 Workshop on Technical Specifications (TecSpec)

Bad Kötzting/Wettzell (Germany), March 1 - 2, 2012


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Thursday, March 1, 2012: VLBI 2010 System Specification

Session 1: Front End
Welcome and opening remarks (Harald Schuh, Ulrich Schreiber) pdf
Review of the VLBI2010 concept and general specifications (Bill Petrachenko) pdf
Overview of the NASA/Haystack VLBI2010 receiver frontends (Christopher Beaudoin) pdf
Eleven Feed, LNA, Cryo: design and system integration of 2-14 GHz Eleven feed receiver for VLBI2010 (Miroslav Pantaleev, Jian Yang, Terese Ekebrand, Per-Simon Kildal, Hasan Raza, Jungang Yin, Jan Jönsson, Leif Helldner, Anders Emrich, Benjamin Klein) pdf
Session 2: Calibration and Signal Distribution
Calibration systems: noise, phase, and cable (Brian Corey) pdf
Receiver signal downlink considerations and implementation on the GGAO 12-m antenna (Christopher Beaudoin) pdf
Monitoring and control of new, worldwide VLBI2010 telescopes (Alexander Neidhardt) pdf
H-maser performance requirements, environmental and operational issues (Xavier Vernez) pdf
Time and frequency distribution (Brian Corey) pdf
Session 3: Signal Processing, Recording, and e-VLBI
Flexible down-converter (Brian Corey) pdf
Digital back ends (Gino Tuccari) pdf
High-speed data systems for VLBI2010 (Alan Whitney) pdf
Electronic VLBI data transfer (e-VLBI) for VLBI2010 (Alan Whitney) pdf
Session 4: Poster Session
The RAEGE triband S/X/Ka feed and receiver development (José Antonio López Pérez, Félix Tercero Martínez) pdf
Specification of a new antenna for VLBI2010 to be constructed in Japan (Yoshihiro Fukuzaki, Misao Ishihara, Jiro Kuroda, Shinobu Kurihara, Kensuke Kokado, Ryoji Kawabata) pdf
Development of Wide Band Feeds (Hideki Ujihara)
FAST telescope as a VLBI station (Zhisheng Gao, Chengjin Jin)
New VLBI observing system "OCTAVE-Families" to support VDIF specifications with 10 GbE for VERA, JVN, and Japanese e-VLBI (OCTAVE) (Tomoaki Oyama, Yusuke Kono, Noriyuki Kawaguchi, Hideyuki Kobayashi)
RF Direct Sampler (OCTAD) (Yusuke Kono, Tomoaki Oyama, Noriyuki Kawaguchi)
The status of the KVN (Korean VLBI Network) phase compensation system development (Do-Heung Je, Moon-Hee Chung, Soo-Yeon Kim, Won-Kyu Lee) pdf
Radio environment survey at Kashima and Koganei (Mamoru Sekido, Kazuhiro Takefuji) pdf
Two weeks of continuous remote attendance during CONT11 (Alexander Neidhardt, Martin Ettl, Matthias Mühlbauer, Christian Plötz, Hayo Hase, Sergio Sobarzo, Cristian Herrera, Eric O˝ate, Pedro Zaror, Felipe Pedreros, Octavio Zapata)
Continuous integration and quality control during software development (Martin Ettl, Walter Brisken, Reiner Dassing)
Core network station in Ny-┼lesund (Ina Elsrud) pdf
Single-dish performance of KVN 21-m radio telescopes at 22/43GHz (Sang-Sung Lee, Do-Young Byun, Seog-Tae Han, Do-Heung Je and the KVN Team) pdf
Radio frequency interference at QUASAR network observatories and next generation system for geodetic VLBI (Gennadii Ilin) pdf
Broadband phase calibration system (Dmitrij Ivanov, Andrey Karpichev)
Cryo-electronic radiometers for VLBI2010 (Alexander Ipatov, Vladimir Chmil, Oleksandr Pylypenko) pdf
The digital data acquisition system of the new Russian VLBI network (Dmitry Marshalov, Evgeny Nosov) pdf
Joint project of the VLBI2010 system of Moscow and Kazan universities (Vladimir Zharov, Albert Aganov, Alexander Gusev, Marat Mingaliev, Yury Nefedyev, Nail Sakhibullin, Oleg Sherstukov, Oleg Titov, Slava Turyshev) pdf
The progress of the Shanghai 65-m telescope (Bin Li)
The progress of the Chinese VLBI Data Acquisition System (CDAS) (Xiuzhong Zhang)
Tri-band Dewar design for the Wettzell twin telescopes (John Oliver, Rémi Reyet, Steve Rawson) jpg
Short-term instrumental phase stability of the KVN receiving system (Taehyun Jung, Do-Young Byun, Sooyeon Kim Do-Heung Je, Bong Won Sohn) pdf
Research on VLBI application for time and frequency transfer at NICT (Mamoru Sekido) pdf
The Potential for a Ka-band (32 GHz) Worldwide VLBI Network (Chris Jacobs, Uwe Bach, Francisco Colomer, et al.)
New Generation of Cryogenic Sapphire Microwave Oscillator for Space, Metrology and VLBI Applications (V. Giordano, S. Grop, B. Dubois, G. Haye)


Friday, March 2, 2012: VLBI 2010 Antenna Specification

Session 5: Antenna 1
VLBI2010 antenna and site recommendations (Brian Corey) pdf
Practical issues for writing antenna specifications (Hayo Hase) pdf
Study #1: Building the AuScope VLBI array (Jim Lovell) pdf
Session 6: Antenna 2
Study #2: Development and implementation of the GGAO 12-m VLBI2010 antenna (Arthur Niell) pdf
Study #3: Twin Telescopes Wettzell (TTW): ensuring the long-term stability of the TTW (Thomas Klügel, Swetlana Mähler) pdf
Critical moments of a radio telescope construction (Gerhard Kronschnabl) pdf
Study #4: The RAEGE VLBI2010 Radiotelescope (José Antonio López Fernández) pdf
Session 7: Antenna 3
General discussion of antenna issues
Session 8: Antenna 4
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- Understanding VLBI2010 Technical Specifications -


The IVS VLBI2010 Project Executive Group (V2PEG) and the International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry (IVS) are pleased to announce the "IVS VLBI2010 Workshop on Technical Specifications (TecSpec)". It will be hosted by the Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy) and the Forschungseinrichtung Satellitengeodäsie (Research Institute for Satellite Geodesy) of the Technische Universität München.

The workshop will take place in Bad Kötzting/Wettzell (Germany) on March 1 - 2, 2012. Note that the workshop dates immediately precede the 7th IVS General Meeting, Madrid (Spain) on March 4-7, 2012, in order to facilitate participation at both IVS events.

Download the second circular (issued on Dec. 16, 2011), or the third circular (issued on Feb. 10, 2012).


Workshop Goals

The IVS and affiliated institutions have developed a vision for future geodetic VLBI observation, correlation and analysis called VLBI2010. Several IVS projects are currently developing next generation antennas and systems to support the new vision. IVS network stations have expressed strong interest in obtaining more complete information on these VLBI2010-related technical developments. In response, the V2PEG is offering this workshop on technical specifications.

The goal of this workshop is to bring scientists and technologists together to provide information and promote discussion about the specifications for VLBI2010 station hardware, all the way from the fast-slewing antennas to wideband feeds and front-ends to back-ends and recorders. Topics also include e-transfer and e-VLBI, monitor and control, and clock distribution. In cases where commercial suppliers for VLBI2010 subsystems exist, contact information will be provided.

The workshop is intended for VLBI station managers, engineers, and others who wish to obtain a better understanding of the VLBI2010 concept from the technical point of view. It will also suggest pathways to enable VLBI2010-compatible upgrades at IVS stations.

The program is composed of invited lectures from VLBI2010 experts, discussion periods, and a tour of the Twin Telescopes Wettzell (TTW). In addition, we encourage everyone to submit poster contributions on any topic related to VLBI2010 technical developments.


Workshop Outline

Most sessions of the workshops will be devoted to invited talks. The first day of the workshop will concentrate on VLBI2010 System Specifications with the following topics: front ends, calibration and signal distribution, signal processing and recording, e-VLBI and discussion. The second day will address topics about VLBI2010 antenna specification with an overview and several case studies of current VLBI2010-related projects. All sessions will have interactive components to encourage questions and discussion related to the subject material.

An extended poster session on VLBI2010 topics will be held on the afternoon of the first day (Thursday) of the meeting. Poster authors are requested to register contributions with a title and short abstract at the POC (tecspec-poc@fs.wettzell.de) until January 15, 2012. Posters may be displayed during the entire workshop; the size of the poster may not exceed 85 cm (width) x 150 cm (height).

On the second day (Friday) time is reserved for general discussions and for an organized tour to the newly constructed TWIN radio telescope Wettzell (TTW) at the observatory.

For more details of the workshop content, please download the preliminary program of the workshop.


Program Committee

Local Organisation

The local organization is done by the staff of the Geodetic Observatory Wettzell, in particular:


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